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This article is about epidemic of rabies among foxes on the average of river
Volga.The author has met such animal and even has photographed it.

Cautiously foxes.

In the end of August we with my friend Ant have gone to his a

summer cottage to village Makarovka. It is in a mouth of Kama

river behind Volzhsko-Kamsky reserve. And here, passing the

Black wood is practically the center of reserve, we see at a

roadside red puppy sits immovable. Have come nearer, yes it’s

not puppy at all, it’s the young fox! Sits easy, to escape does

not think at all.

The big jeep and young fox:

The big jeep and young fox:

There was a desire, to exit from car, to stroke, caress

and whether somehow to feed it. But something has kept,

we limited to that photographed it on video camera of

mobile and have gone further. The young fox continued

to sit easy at roadside as allegedly waited for whom that

of close and very necessary.

When I has told about this case to my relativies, they have

remembered, that literally two weeks earlier on local TV has

taken place a material about the fox who has come to a summer

cottages community located nearly to a place, we have

photographed a young fox, at all was not afraid of people,

fawned to children, behaved as if tame. Many have

thought it’s domestic animal, has lost owners, now reaches for

people… Thanks God! There was a skilled person - the hunter

who did not begin to be under a delusion with starry-eyed

assumptions, and is simple has taken and has shoot down the fox,

it is direct in territory of settlement. Neighbours were in a

shock and anger. So it was necessary to send body of a fox in

laboratory of veterinary control which has put the unequivocal

diagnosis - it’s rabies. Here it was for zealous “defenders” of

wildlife the true shock supplemented besides a set of vaccinal

injections. At present according to from mass-media anybody from

inhabitants of a housing estate has not suffered. Thanks the

As the service of the main sanitation doctor of the Chuvashian

republic reports, foxes at neighbours speed up not less ours: in

Tatarstan on the beginning of March were 47 centers of

rabies, on Nijegorodchina 24 were registered. And daily

run of the fox is up to 200 kilometers. The massed catching of

dogs has passed in Aviabuilding region of Kazan. The reason of

hunting on vagrant dogs - two cases of rabies of the

domestic dogs, registered in February in Kadishevo and

on the Dry River. The reason of infection with rabies

became the foxes which have run in settlements.

So, if you will meet inadequately behaving wild animal, in which

case do not make any contact with it and whenever possible report

the matter in service of veterinary control. Necessarily tell to

children that there are no kind wild animals, and there are only

such sick animals. And how much it is dangerous. And about

injections to say - here it is not terrible to go too far, it is

terrible - to go thereabouts.


P.S. Told in given article is confirmed by messages from other
regions, and also by statements of heads of veterinary control
of republic:
People continue to caress vagrant and wild animals
Evening Kazan

In brief in these messages is told, that foxes come into settlements
infect with rabies of people and domestic animals, and that if the fox
is not afraid of the person it is necessary to be afraid of it.

P.S. Well here, the thunder has burst: In a southeast of Moscow mad dog has bitten some tens person. Time of the publication: on December, 27th, 2009. In other regions position is not better:

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